A Quick Statement

We Laugh and cry; We love and die; We hope for elation but inevitably will also fall into tribulation; This, as life spirals us between emotions and extremities.

I confess my heart and mind into my canvas and panel boards, and in doing so, come to understand myself a little more each day. 
We are emotional beings. And most of our lives are a cocktail of contradictions. Feelings of loneliness at a party, sadness in the arms of a lover, fleeting joy in the broken passing of a loved one, and self criticism during gestures of self care; We all share these experiences at points in our stories, and find common ground as human beings through them.

It is the job of the artist to communicate the human experience. Through our objects, we record our portraits as animals in a society, in the hopes that others can understand a glimpse of the self. Work becomes a diary this way, and for those that learn to embrace the journal through their work, art becomes a sincere and personal reflection of self. 

I reveal my shortcomings and celebrate my elations in my work as I explore these human experiences through the lenses of my body; These are the experiences of people. This lens often manifests self portraits, but even abstract brush strokes can reference the scar marks of the body and soul. 

Being an artist is a way of life. For those that breath through their brush, art making is more than creating a pretty object; Art is a portal for the soul.